About Us

Magpie is an on-line dress agency that sells pristine quality previously owned designer clothing and handbags to a global following. With access to some of the most fashionable wardrobes in London and the UK - Fashion PRs, Stylists, DJs, Retail Professionals and Fashion Obsessive’s of all kinds, we provide an exceptional service to both sellers and buyers.

After 15 years working in TV Production in London, Margaret Price founded Magpie out of a need to find a simpler, more modern and altogether more rewarding alternative to the dress agencies she’d encountered.

"I hated the way some dress agencies treated you. You had to bring the clothes to them (a huge hassle to carry heavy bags), only to have them inspected in front of complete strangers in a busy shop, where they would present you with just a tiny fraction of what they were worth! To eBay them yourself was the alternative, but that was time consuming and daunting as the process is really fairly complicated. I was sure there was a market for providing a simple, customer friendly alternative.

Equally, to buy second hand clothing could be a second rate experience, blurry photographs, or jumble sale style racks of clothing just don’t inspire me. I think that amazing designer clothes deserve better."

Magpie Designer Recycling was set up to provide a great service to it’s sellers and to provide really excellent quality, beautifully presented pre-loved designer clothing to a global market of buyers eager for fantastic pieces at a fraction of what they would have cost to buy first hand.

"Often items have never been worn - some still have their tags. That’s OK, everyone makes fashion mistakes or has clothes that no longer ‘fit’ in their life.

We just think it’s a waste to hide away lovely things – if we can find them a new owner everyone is happy!"